César Llerena

Photographer of emotions and works of art 

Collaborating and recognized photographer of the CAAC (Andalusian centre of Contemporary Art)

Photographer, journalist, graduate in advertising and public relations, I started working in media as a photojournalist in 1995.

In 1995 I had the opportunity to learn from the best photographers you could find then in Spain. I have been student of Chema Madoz (National Prize of Photography year 2000), Cristina Garcia Rodero (National Prize of Photography year 1996), Isabel Muñoz, Alberto Garcia Alix (National Prize of Photography year 1999), Gervasio Sánchez (National Prize of Photography year 2009 ), César Lucas, Koldo Chamorro and Alberto Schommer (National Prize of Photography Year 2013), among others.

So I began a journey through the world of photography that led me to work in media, agencies such as Reuters and Cover and in the heart press as QMD or ten minutes. Fifteen years conducting travel reports (more than 40 countries on 4 continents) and ten other taking of all the photographs of my own advertising, communication and Marketing agency, performing photojournalism, press office and campaigns Creative.

* Photography by Javier Isorna